Wasting less food = more money to spend on other things.

It's also better for the environment.


The EatByApp helps you manage the food in your kitchen and reminds you to eat the food you have while it's still fresh.


Here are some ways to turn your kitchen into a more efficient lean mean feeding machine.

  • Understand the labels.

    Food producers use labels that suggest when things should be eaten. The meaning of these labels can cause confusion.


    Display Until:

    This is information for the store or supermarket. Food that has a display until label on it can be eaten after the date shown.


    Best Before:

    This label is most often used on foods that are better to eat while they are still fresh but can still be eaten after the Best Before date.


    Use by:

    This is the most important date to observe. The food must not be eaten after the Use By date to avoid nasty stuff like tummy bugs and food poisoning. Always check the Use By date on the packaging before eating.

  • Store food correctly.

    Know where and how to store your food.

    Some fresh produce like fruit and vegetables prefers to be kept in the open. Keep very ripe fruit apart from fresher fruit unless you want to ripen the fresher fruit more quickly.


    Many food items will have storage advice on the packaging. Follow their instructions carefully.

    Cupboards are OK when the label says “Store in a cool dry place.”


    It is obvious enough if the label says Keep refrigerated or frozen. Your fridge should be between 3°C (37°F) and 5°C (40°F). Your freezer should maintain -18°C (0°F).


    “Suitable for home freezing” advice is a little less straight forward. Some products suggest freezing on the day of purchase. Other items can be frozen at any time before the Best Before or Use By date. It's important to read the packaging carefully.


  • Don't buy more than you need!

    It sounds obvious but this is the most common mistake we all make. Make a shopping list and avoid too many impulsive buys.

    The EatByApp has a brilliant shopping list feature available to those who upgrade! The function even learns what you need to replace and automatically suggests them on the list. Clever eh?


    Don't go food shopping when you're feeling hungry! It's true - hunger makes you buy more food. Drinking a glass of water can temporarily overcome hunger so you don't need to stuff your face before every supermarket trip.

  • Keep your fridge tidy!

    We've all done it – mournfully thrown it away that thing we found at the back that would have been lovely to eat if it wasn't three weeks out of date. If only we'd seen past that rotting lettuce.


    Use the EatBy App every time you store your food.

    Know whats in your fridge, freezer and cupboards without even having to rummage around. (Keeping the fridge and freezer doors closed saves even more money). Enjoy your food while it's at optimum freshness with EatBy App's reminders.

  • And finally- be social:

    Got too much food? Can't possibly eat it all in time? Invite someone to dinner to help you eat it!


    Please donate to your local food bank - millions of people are dependent on food banks. Your donation will be gratefully received. Find information about food banks here.

  • Your ideas?

    Food waste is a big issue that needs to be addressed by all of us. EatBy App's main purpose is to reduce waste and save money. If you have any ideas or anything you'd like to add here then please feel free to send us a message.

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