They’re nearly here!! The Yumicons are on their way.

Encouraging kids to Eat Fresh and Waste Less –

In addition to developing the Next Generation EatBy Smart Kitchen App, we’ve been busy behind the scenes with something fun… the Yumicons App.
As part of our educational package, Yumicons are a daft, fun way of engaging kids and adults – but mostly kids, but then we’ve been trying the beta app versions – too much fun – so really adults also – but originally designed for kids. Anyway, I digress.

From trumpifying turnips to crowning cauliflowers, kids are going to love sharing their 5-a-Day successes.

Yumicon creations will be limitless using our stand alone sticker app. The Next Generation EatBy App incorporates a kids mode featuring the Yumicons with an awesome surprise (again, that adults will be completely addicted to too;)

“When will the Yumicon App be available?” We hear you yell.

We’re rolling out the stand alone Yumicons app on the App Store and Google Play very soon. You’ll have to wait a little for the Next Generation EatBy App to see how they’ll feature and the mischief they’ll get up to.
Right now you’ll find a ‘taster’ selection of Yumicons stickers on the App Store Here.
As with the current EatBy App they cost a little on the stores – but, at the moment, ALL money raised is rolled back into the development of EatBy App’s services so we can continue to evolve and improve.
The Yumicons app will be bulk discounted for education. Information on how to do this will be available on release.

Other News.

Get involved!

As part of our Waste Less education package/programme we’ll soon be looking for brilliant, fun loving individuals to join our adventure. You’ll be visiting schools, talking about food waste and how to prevent it. If you’re interested and want to know more then please add your details in the contact form here. Please remember to tell us where you live! When we get round to launching the education programme (quite soon now) we’ll send you information and let you know how to apply.

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