October 16th is World food day. What should it be all about?

World Food Day means different things to different people.

To some it’s a celebration of food and cultural culinary diversity. Others use the day to reflect on the global problems of inequality, poverty and starvation.

I could write a long article that highlights the problems of food waste, and how the EatBy App is designed to reduce food waste, that this will ultimately reduce over production, thus the impact of food production and waste disposal on the environment. That’s our usual spiel – and obviously Barbara and I stand firmly by it.

But on this World Food Day we’re going to ask anyone who enjoys a good meal today to be thankful. Food is one of our greatest pleasures and we should celebrate the delicious fruits of our planet. But being grateful requires us to be mindful of what we really have to be grateful for – not only for the meal itself but for the fact that we’re lucky enough not to be hungry, or worried that our children are hungry.

Just take a moment to think of those who are fleeing from war … Continue reading