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In reply to an article, Let Them Eat Waste, by Francesca Price…

My wife, Barbara, and I, are avid supporters of initiatives addressing problems of food waste. Our personal quest to reduce food waste has resulted in us developing the EatBy App which is a free app designed to help householders reduce food waste by better kitchen management. (Our app plug is over.) 

It’s fantastic to see a number of initiatives that are finally emerging to tackle food waste at every link in the food chain, from supply to consumer to suitable disposal. The key is to look at the problem in its entirety – not just at one particular aspect of it. Granted, our app is aimed towards reducing domestic waste and we hope it also increases awareness. We are acutely concerned that, until supply more closely reflects a more suitable and sustainable demand, unnecessary food waste is inevitable. Demand will change as consumer habits alter. And old habits will only change with heightened awareness of the problems and, of course, with suitable solutions including … Continue reading