The Office Coffee Company saves over 50,000 trees and 55,000 tonnes of CO2 in 12 months

Customers of Gloucestershire- based firm the Office Coffee Company has saved 51,098 trees over the past year, simply by switching to a sustainable coffee supplier. They have also prevented 55,355 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The Office Coffee Company, a provider of ethical, beverages and coffee machines for businesses, has released its annual assessment of savings that have contributed to its mission to halt rainforest destruction by simply providing a great-tasting sustainable coffee option to office staff. Clients include Ben Ainsley Racing, Hootsuite and Euromoney Investor.

Each year, the Office Coffee Company calculates each customer’s contribution to the fight against deforestation – quantifying both the number of trees they have saved as well as tonnes of CO2 stored.

Since 2011, the Office Coffee Company’s customers have now saved more than 116,000 rainforest trees by indulging in over 860,000 cups of sustainably sourced coffee. That’s 483 acres of rainforest, which is equivalent to over 850 football pitches!

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