Freezing Food, Reducing Waste

freezer_foodWhen I moved out of my college apartment in December, I made several shocking discoveries. The first was how many bobby pins there were in my bedroom floor. Seriously, had I kept that place cleaner, I would have known I had hundreds of bobby pins. Second, how quickly so much stuff could be packed and moved. I had spent days working on that room before and never got it clean and my family had the whole thing packed and in the car in an hour. I guess it is safe to say I’m an incompetent house-cleaner. The most shocking discovery by far, however, was how much food I had let go bad in my freezer.

I had spent the last three years sharing an apartment with three other girls and while the apartment had a full-sized refrigerator, by midwest American standards, it was pretty darn small. So … Continue reading

Using up leftovers in a delicious Bubble and Squeak. Is there a best recipe?

Bubble and Squeak is a traditional British dish that uses leftovers from the British traditional Sunday roast meal.

Bubble and squeakConsequently it was usually served on the Monday. Bubble and Squeak is now a brilliant and tasty way to use up those leftovers in the fridge. But is there a “traditional” recipe for bubble and squeak?

There’s an abundance of different recipes for bubble and squeak on the internet – all claiming to be the traditional recipe. But the nature of bubble and squeak prevents the dish from having a definitive recipe because it’s made from whatever’s left over – which can vary depending on what people had for lunch on Sunday or what you have lying around in the fridge.

Your list of ingredients should include: