About Us

usThe EatBy App has been created and developed by husband and wife team, Steffan and Barbara Lewis, after a number of incidents when food had to be thrown away because it had passed its Use By date.

After one incident when they threw out an unopened pack of ham slices and a box of egg custard tarts Barbara became upset and a little angry. “We throw out too much because it gets forgotten at the back of the fridge.”

Steffan, mourning his egg custard tart, answered with that modern cliché, “I bet there’s an app for that.”

And so the idea was born. After scouring the available apps Steffan and Barbara decided that there wasn’t a brilliant solution to the problem of forgetting food in the fridge. When they learned how much food is unnecessarily wasted worldwide every year they became passionate about the global issue and made it … Continue reading