Hugh’s War On Waste to broadcast 9pm tonight on BBC1

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is to broadcast his programme, “Hugh’s War On Waste”, tonight on BBC1 at 9pm, in which he  demonstrates how much food is wasted in the UK.

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We waste an average of £700/houshold of perfectly good food every year!

We waste an average of £700/houshold of perfectly good food every year!

It is fantastic that this cause has been taken up by someone who is in the public eye and Hugh has also apparently hinted that Jamie Oliver will be the next celebrity to champion the battle against food waste.

Ahead of the programme, we decided to conduct straw poll on Twitter (using Twitter’s new poll feature). Again we are looking forwards to seeing the results:

The results so far (at the time of writing this) already show that most of us know we throw away too much food! On Friday we asked if people understood expiry dates on food labelling and this is what we found:  

Which shows that there is still some confusion over food labelling which inevitably leads to perfectly edible food ending up in the food bin. Which is why it’s so important that Hugh and the BBC produce programmes that may help make a big difference.

Do you understand expiry date labelling?

Do you understand expiry date labelling?

Tristram Stuart and campaigns such as WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste have been relentlessly and brilliantly pursuing this cause for a number of years. Indeed, we have spent nearly two years developing our own solution to the problem of domestic food waste. But it’s fantastic to see that food waste is finally being picked up, in a big way, by the mainstream broadcasters and newspapers. As a husband and wife team, we, the developers of the EatBy App, on virtually no budget have achieved some great media coverage – but we could never hope to receive the kind of coverage celebrities like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver have.

So we’re delighted that food waste is really becoming a subject which will hopefully gather some real and irreversible momentum over the next few years. Naturally we hope to ride the crest of the food waste publicity wave created by Hugh and Jamie.

We’re obviously committed to letting everyone know that reducing food waste at home is made possible using our groundbreaking EatBy App. Afterall – we are the first individuals to launch an app that does exactly what ours does and our next big development should be completed and launched very soon.

But, as well as the next version of the EatBy App that incorporates new technology and great new features, we have some even more amazing news – which we are not allowed to publicise for a few days until the official press release in the USA – but watch this space because we’re tremendously excited about it and what it could mean to us and the small part Barbara and I play in the mission to reduce food waste!

You can sign up to Hugh’s War Against Waste here

And to help you meet those pledges to reduce food waste (and to help you save some of that £700 or $1,000 per year) download and start using the EatBy App:

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