How I’m quitting throwing expensive food out because I have forgotten it in the back of my Fridge

I’m sick of forgetting food in the freezer again. Food had gotten expired or just totally forgotten in the kitchen. To name a few of the recent ruined things: lamb shanks, osso bucco and Eggs. Annoying.

FridgeExampleAs a night crawler, I usually buy food in bulk to avoid rush times. But the problem is that i sometimes throw expensive food out because i have forgotten it in the back of my fridge. I live alone in the downtown and there is nobody to remind me of the various items left in my fridge. The bad thing is that i had no money to replace them. i had it in mind that i have something to fall on as food when i get home. Now, it’s a bunch of disappointment that i got. It does also happen with the things i kept in the kitchen.

Each time, I throw away food more than five times in a week. More a third of the food is thrown away. This is not just food wasted but also money wasted. i Can’t just see my food wasting over again. This must not happen again! I must seek for an alternative.

Also, I worry about getting sick resulting from eating food past expiration on the date printed on the packaging. I get rid of it because its freshness is gone and what ever i do to it, it does not get its freshness back. Just like the moldy, meats and cheeses.

As i work myself into getting a help or reminder who will keep me informed of things i have in stock, i ran into this app – Eat by App, which has been my friend since then.So this is why i agreed to testing the Eat By App.

Do you know how brilliant and fantastic the free Eat By App will be when it comes out?

Proudly to Say, I installed and beta tested the apps with my Android Phone, since then, i didn’t encounter such problems again. It was a WAO!

It takes a bit of time at first but when stuff is loaded in it’s quick after.

This app has be reminding me when i need to eat my food before it goes off in the freezer, fridge or kitchen. It has solved some of my most expensive problems. These are same problems that i have been encountering for many years now. Have you ever thrown out food because it has long be forgotten in the kitchen? So annoying when you look at the amount of money you are wasting through the food thrown out.

Having tested the app, I have decided to introduce and recommend it to all. It is fantastic and awesome! The app is easy to use. All you need do is to select the food, set the date you want to use and there you go…..

This is just one of the greatest solution of our time!


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