4 Healthy Kitchen Habits for Healthy Living

When it comes to healthy kitchen habits, some precautions are more obvious than others. The importance of regularly washing your hands, for example, is something that even small children understand. In addition, wiping down countertops is commonly practiced for general cleanliness. However, a recent study reports that there are many kitchen items that commonly become cross-contaminated during preparation of meals. Harmful bacteria can also multiply when foods are not stored properly.

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary illness, here are four kitchen habits that you can adopt for healthier and sustainable living.

Defrost Meat in the Refrigerator
Harmful pathogens can multiply rapidly in meat or poultry that is allowed to thaw at room temperature. Once they have taken hold in full force, they cannot even be destroyed through the cooking process. Following proper thawing procedures is important … Continue reading

10 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

The average American spends about $139 on food every week. Although many people may not realize just how much they’re spending, the reality is that lots of little food purchases add up. That combined with the other expenses that go into keeping your kitchen stocked and fully functional, and you could easily be spending hundreds of dollars a month in your kitchen alone.

Since food is a necessity, many people believe this is one area where cutting back isn’t really possible. But that’s simply not the case. Saving money in the kitchen is definitely doable, and once you learn how to do it, your pockets will thank you forever. Here are 10 ways you can save money in the kitchen.

1. Buy Generic Brands

It’s true that many people don’t even think to purchase generic brands when grocery shopping. But by avoiding name brand food, drinks, and condiments, you can save yourself some money without sacrificing the taste you love.

2. … Continue reading

How to Plan a Full Kitchen Remodel


With the kitchen being one of the most important areas of your home and probably the area you spend the most time in, you want to make sure it reflects your lifestyle and needs. If you’re looking to remodel your entire kitchen, be sure to keep these factors in mind to stay on track.

Kitchen size

The size of your kitchen will play a big role in the overall design of your kitchen remodel. For example, you may want a larger kitchen, or need to work with what you currently have and make upgrades accordingly. Consider what is currently near your kitchen and whether or not you have an open concept home. If you have an open concept home or your kitchen is near underutilized space, such as an unnecessary hallway or a closet that isn’t used, you may have an opportunity to add … Continue reading

5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that 40% of all food in the US is wasted? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a goal of cutting food waste to about 109 pounds per person by 2030. Compare this to the 2010 baseline of about 219 pounds per person. There are several other steps we can each take at home and in our everyday routines as well.

1 Grocery shopping

You can start minimizing waste from the pre-purchase stage of the food chain. Create a shopping list of ingredients and stick to it. Plan a week’s worth of meals to prepare. Then, buy exactly what and precisely how much you need for each meal.

In contrast, with preserved items, look for bulk deals, but make sure you buy in amounts that you can use before the expiration date.

2 Meal prep and eating habits

You’re eating habits can also play a part in increasing your food waste. Besides listing the ingredients you’ll need, note the foods you already have in the cupboard and fridge and cook with what you have. … Continue reading

The Proper Way to Get Rid of Old Appliances

With every appliance replacement comes the question of what to do with the old appliance.

You don’t want the replaced appliance taking up space, but you also want to get rid of it in a useful and environmentally friendly way. After all, unlike managing your own plastic use, appliance removal will involve trusting the recycling practices of others. If you’re wondering how to get rid of the old refrigerator or microwave, consider the following disposal options.

1. Use a dumpster rental or trash removal service

If you have several appliances to remove, along with other items, consider renting a dumpster. Dumpsters are available in small and large sizes, and renting will allow you to remove on your on schedule. Once the dumpster has all the disposed items, ask the trash removal service to come for the pickup. To ensure proper removal, confirm how the trash removal company takes care of appliances – whether they go to recycling or some other place.

2. Let the installation company take it

If you are replacing the old appliance with a new one, … Continue reading

Iceland UK Foods release their Christmas Advert – the message is not exactly Christmassy…

…but it has a powerful message worth thinking about (and acting on) this Christmas. Originally made for Greenpeace, but adopted by Iceland, as this year’s seasonal campaign, it has failed to meet the criteria for being suitable on British TV (bureaucratic nonsense) but it’s generating the publicity anyway!

Beautifully made and highly emotive, the short film is well worth sharing.. so here it is…

Yumicons App is now Available on the App Store

As part of our education programme due to be rolled out in the U.K. during 2018 we have developed a fun bunch of food characters called the Yunicons. The Yumicons app is free and available on the Apple App store. The app allows children (and anyone else) to create images and cartoons using the Yumicons or to create their own character using food stickers and a whole bunch of other bit and pieces like eyes, mouths and silly hats. The characters can either be added to photos and selfies or used to make comic strips using the provided royalty free images to share with friends and on social media.

An education version of the app is soon to be provided to schools to help children grasp the benefits of eating food while it is fresh and the importance of … Continue reading

iOS update 2.1

Hi Everyone.

We’ve recently updated the app to version 2.1 and for most it’s working great. But we are aware that some iPad users have encountered problems with the update. We will be working through the night to fix the issue and will release an update ASAP.

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Food labelling poll

We thought we’d conduct a quick 24 hour straw poll on our twitter account simply asking if people understand food labelling. We’re interested to see the results!


Do you understand food labelling & the difference between “Use By” & “Best Before” dates? Please RT!

— EatByApp (@EatByApp) October 30, 2015

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Families are throwing away good food on a weekly basis despite being on a tight budget

As many families across the UK tighten their belts in preparation for Christmas, new research by MyFamilyClub.co.uk, the money-saving and money making site for families, reveals that six in 10 (57%) households are still throwing away food unnecessarily, despite being on a tight household budget.

money bin

The main reason for throwing away food was that it had exceeded the best before date, with nearly five in 10 (45%) families stating that they throw away food because it was after the best before date despite watching the pennies each month.
This regular food wastage in the UK is leading to an annual waste bill of GBP 680 per family, according to WRAP.

Leading Chef Jamie Oliver states that it is very important to understand the difference between best before dates and use-by dates so families don’t throw away edible food unnecessarily.

Top tips for how … Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Salad Dessert


A great fruit salad that uses up those apples lingering in your fruit bowl. Kids love this one and it’s a great way to get one of those five a day in… Enjoy it as a dessert or sneaky snack!


Ingredients needed

  • 2 or 3 chopped apples
  • 1/4 cup of raisins
  • 1/2 cup of creamy cinnamon
  • Sliced almonds


Heat the oven to about 325ºF approximately (170ºC).
Mix the chopped apples, raisins and creamy cinnamon and leave for a while.
Spread the almonds in a single layer in a round baking sheet
Bake the almonds until they are lightly browned.
Remove from the oven and wait for the almonds to cool.
Add the almonds on top of the salad.

Sliced grapes also go well with this dish or you can include other dried fruit such as apricots too. Experiment with the … Continue reading

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We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will try to get things up and running again as quickly as possible. We appreciate you patience.

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Baked Strawberry Yogurt

Baked Strawberry Yogurt



  • Strawberries fresh- 10
  • Yogurt-2 cups
  • Sweetened condensed milk-200 grams
  • Fresh cream-1 cup
  • Rose syrup-2 tablespoons
  • Strawberry crush-2 tablespoons


Step 1

Preheat oven to 180° C.

Step 2

Slice 4-5 strawberries thinly and divide them equally into 4 ramekin moulds.

Step 3

Place a muslin cloth over a small bowl and pour yogurt over it. Gather the edges together and squeeze so that excess moisture drains away.

Step 4

Transfer the thick yogurt into a large bowl, add condensed milk, fresh cream, rose syrup and strawberry crush and mix well.

Step 5

Place a fresh rose petal over the strawberries in each ramekin mould, pour the yogurt mixture over till the top. Place another rose petal on top.

Step 6

Place the moulds in a deep tray, pour some water into it, keep the tray in the preheated oven and bake for … Continue reading

Freezing Food, Reducing Waste

freezer_foodWhen I moved out of my college apartment in December, I made several shocking discoveries. The first was how many bobby pins there were in my bedroom floor. Seriously, had I kept that place cleaner, I would have known I had hundreds of bobby pins. Second, how quickly so much stuff could be packed and moved. I had spent days working on that room before and never got it clean and my family had the whole thing packed and in the car in an hour. I guess it is safe to say I’m an incompetent house-cleaner. The most shocking discovery by far, however, was how much food I had let go bad in my freezer.

I had spent the last three years sharing an apartment with three other girls and while the apartment had a full-sized refrigerator, by midwest American standards, it was pretty darn small. So how … Continue reading

How I’m quitting throwing expensive food out because I have forgotten it in the back of my Fridge

I’m sick of forgetting food in the freezer again. Food had gotten expired or just totally forgotten in the kitchen. To name a few of the recent ruined things: lamb shanks, osso bucco and Eggs. Annoying.

FridgeExampleAs a night crawler, I usually buy food in bulk to avoid rush times. But the problem is that i sometimes throw expensive food out because i have forgotten it in the back of my fridge. I live alone in the downtown and there is nobody to remind me of the various items left in my fridge. The bad thing is that i had no money to replace them. i had it in mind that i have something to fall on as food when i get home. Now, it’s a bunch of disappointment that i got. It does also happen with the things i kept in the kitchen.

Each time, I throw away food more than five times … Continue reading