Are you ready for a waste not Christmas?

Steffan and Barbara

Billions of people all over the world will be celebrating Christmas Day on Friday and will be following a myriad of different local traditions that make the day special. For us, our Christmas is special because it’s a time family comes together. We (the creators of the EatBy App) do our version of British traditional Christmas with a turkey or goose dinner and all the trimmings, presents by the tree and a little too much to drink. The holiday period is one of the few times a year when diets are abandoned (jokes about less waste equals more waist aside), and to some extent, budgets are abandoned too. Certainly in our household we tend to over spend on the festive season and worry about the cost in January! Not the best way to run a household, perhaps, but there’s no need to be a Scrooge, eh?

The thing is, providing we don’t spend too far beyond our means, this should be a time when we indulge, celebrate Christmas and appreciate the joyous aspects of our lives; friends, family and love. But we should also take a quiet moment amidst the fun to reflect on those who are less fortunate or for whom Christmas, for what ever reason, is not joyful or triumphant. Please consider making a charitable donation this Christmas. Or if you know of anyone who may be alone – invite them to join you for lunch.

But there’s one more thing we should do this Christmas – we should make sure we waste as little as possible! Yes, the EatBy App is designed to reduce food waste, and yes, we think it’s ultimately important to make sure you eat and enjoy all that lovely food you’ve spent your hard earned money buying – even those sprouts. Obviously we think you should use the EatBy App this holiday, and make a new year resolution to use it more next year.

But wasting as little as possible means more than wasting less food (or money). Our “waste not” Christmas message is also about not wasting time, money, love, life, health, those special moments, opportunities, and friendship. Life is too short and our planet is too precious not to appreciate every moment. And when the Christmas period is over, we should continue to live without waste. It may require a little effort at times; to keep in touch, to write a love letter, to organise a trip, to give money to a charity, to spend time with the people we love, to give time to people who need our help, to be patient, tolerant and to forgive. But it’s that effort, doing positive things, that makes our time on this world worthwhile.

Life is a miracle – don’t waste it.

Happy Christmas,
The EatBy team (Steff, Barbs and Marty)

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