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Here’s where you’ll find information about us at EatBy App, press releases, useful tips on food storage and saving money, and delicious recipes. Our main objectives are to reduce food waste, reduce unnecessary food overproduction and to help reduce our impact on the environment.

We’ll keep you informed about our progress as we move forwards and further develop our EatBy App.

If you’d like to contribute to our blog, suggest a recipe or promote your cause then we’d love to hear from you. Contribute by signing in or read more Here.

Our free app is available on the App Store and Google Play. We’ll soon be rolling out many more services internationally, serving both consumers and the food industry.

We look forwards to serving you and saving you a fridge load of money.

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Earth Day 2017 EatBy App Giveaway

To help you celebrate Earth Day 2017 and reduce food waste we’re offering EatBy App for free on the App Store this weekend!

April 22 marks Earth Day 2017 when over a billion people celebrate our unique and wonderful planet with thousands of organised events.

Earth Day has been celebrated on the 22nd of April for nearly fifty years since the first organised in America in 1970. Credited by some as the beginning of todays movement of environmental awareness, Earth Day is now an global event coordinated by the Earth Day Network.

This year Earth Day is particularly poignant to many around the world as President Trump threatens to pull out of the Paris Agreement signed by 196 countries. But it’s not just the responsibility of the world leaders to reduce our impact on the environment. We at EatBy are committed to developing technology that enables us all to do our bit to reduce food waste. Food waste is even more damaging to the environment than industrial CO2 emissions as over production of food puts a direct strain on our planet’s sustainability. Using our app is a great way to reduce food waste and save on grocery bills. EatBy App is usually priced at £2.99 on the App Store. All money raised by App Store sales are currently rolled back into the development of our technology behind the scenes, including AI and supply chain optimisation. However, this weekend the EatBy App is free on the App Store as part of our celebration of Earth Day.

Download it now and benefit from the updates as we develop the App. New updates will be available over the coming weeks.

Enjoy, don’t destroy our planet!

Introducing the Yumicons

We are proud to present the Yumicons, Both fun and educational these crazy food characters are the latest addition to our artillery in the war against food waste and a great way to encourage kids to eat fresh and healthy food.

The Yumicons have been designed to bring a smile to children and adults. A new creative app is on it’s way featuring the Yumicons and an array of fun packed features. The launch of the app later this year will coincide with the introduction of an educational pack about food production and how we can all reduce the amount we waste.

In the mean time a selection of Yumicon Fun Food Stickers are available for iMessages on the App Store. We are pleased to see that the Yumicons have already become an instant success, helping us to spread the word about about the EatBy App.

The Yumicons have their own website at and have also found their way onto social media with a page on FaceBook and a Twitter account.

Visit the App Store to download the iMessage Stickers:

Useful tips to waste less food this Christmas – and Keep Track of your Festive Food with EatBy App

Yes, the holiday season has returned and our fridges are packed full of  festive food and goodies.

We love Christmas – especially all the wonderful food. But it’s also the time of year when massive amounts of food are wasted because we’ve bought just too much – and stuff is so easily forgotten at the back of your fridge! The EatBy App is the ideal tool that will help you keep track of your food over the Christmas period and into the New Year. We’ve made some seriously good updates to the app this year to help you get organised. Our mission is to help you save money and reduce the amount of food we all waste.

But don’t forget that the EatBy App is not just for Christmas! Using the app consistently as your shopping list and kitchen inventory throughout the year will help to save enough money to pay for next year’s festive menu.

If you aren’t already using the EatBy App you can find it on the Apple Store or on Google Play.

Here’s some great tips to help you save money and waste less food this year.

Remember your freezer?

Uneaten food will remain fresh for much longer in your freezer. Unopened freezable food can be frozen any time before the Use By or expiry date. Don’t let food go bad in the fridge when it could be frozen. The EatBy App will remind you when food is expiring in the fridge. It might be the ideal time to freeze it. Always check the packaging – but most fresh food – Including the leftovers of that massive Christmas selection of cheeses – can be frozen and used later. You can update food in your app to show that it’s now in the freezer so you don’t forget it in there. If you put cooked or fresh food into freezer bags remember to also write on the bag with a marker pen so you can see what it is and when you put it into the freezer.

Cooking with leftovers is brilliant!

Fry up those leftover vegetables in a Bubble and Squeak – chopped cooked brussel sprouts are especially good in a bubble and squeak. Served with parched egg and bacon it’s delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Bread and butter pudding can be made with leftover cake for an especially indulgent and delicious pudding. Just replace the stale bread with stale sponge cake or stollen! Honestly – it’s amazing.
One of the Eatby App’s new features is a recipe finder that shows delicious recipes to use up leftover food.

Share your food.

If you have more food than you can eat – invite friends and family over to help you eat it – the more the merrier in our book!
There are also some great food sharing apps around such as Olio in the UK. – Christmas is a time for sharing, after all.

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a fabulous New Year,
Steff, Barbara and the rest of the EatBy App team.

Our Bubble and Squeak recipe can be found here…

Bubble and Squeak-traditional English dish made fried leftover vegetables, potato, brussel sprouts, cabbages or anything else you can think of.

Our bread and butter pudding recipe can be found here…

Bread and butter pudding with raisins straight from the oven

Press Release: Artificial Intelligence – the solution to food waste at home.

Please find our Press Release regarding EatBy App’s latest developments. High-res images can be found here and if you need any further comments, information or images from us, please call. (+441433631533)

18th October 2016



Artificial Intelligence – the solution to food waste at home.

Developers of the EatBy App have incorporated artificial intelligence into their kitchen management and grocery list app to reduce domestic food waste.

The latest release of the EatBy App includes a new feature – it automatically suggests how long fruit, veg and frozen items will stay fresh for and then reminds you to use them up before they go off. But the clever bit, according to the developers, is that the app learns the storage habits of individual users.

“Not everyone’s kitchen is the same, and different food storage environments effect shelf life. EatBy App addresses this problem by learning as it’s used over time.”

Domestic food waste is now the biggest contributor to the global food waste problem. Supermarkets have suffered the brunt of bad publicity, being blamed for massive quantities of unsold food being wasted. Many supermarkets and grocery stores have since made big changes that reduce food waste in the supply chain. However, the problem of food wasted at home is still massive. The Eatby developers believe change has to happen in our homes and  stress that we all need to review our grocery shopping and food consumption habits. In some cases households unnecessarily waste up to 30% of their food simply from poor kitchen management. This not only has a detrimental environmental impact, it also has a big impact on householders’ wallets. With the escalation of food prices, especially in the UK, where the British Pound has slumped as a reaction of Brexit, careful food management is becoming more important. EatBy App is the leading smart kitchen technology and its development team are one of only a few to come up with a successful domestic food waste reduction solution. There are a number of apps designed to share unwanted food but EatBy App prevents the accumulation of unwanted food in the first place.

Initial versions of the app were praised by users and the press despite the user interface being described as “clumpy”. But subsequent versions of the app have addressed this by incorporating a much more intuitive and attractive interface. The development team have certainly listened to their feedback to refine the app.

Designers at EatBy say they are now developing the app to make the best use of the freezer in an effort to make users more aware of the benefits of freezing food to further reduce food waste. But the latest big news is that EatBy are developing Smart Kitchen hardware. “The products we’re working on will make kitchen management simple – with a big focus on beautiful design and developing A.I. driven ‘invisible technology’ that works in the background with minimal user effort required.” Steffan Lewis, co-founder of EatBy App went on to say, “Artificial Intelligence does not need to be scary – in EatBy’s case it’ll simply help make life better. Our technology is aimed at families, foodies and people who love to cook. We’re not interested in creating futuristic, sterile kitchens. We are interested in encouraging everyone to eat delicious fresh food, reduce food waste and save money.”


EatBy App is available on the App Store and Google play. Information can be found


About EatBy App

EatBy App is a free mobile application that has been developed to help reduce domestic food waste. It is currently available on the App Store and Google play in many countries around the world.

EatBy App can found at and be followed on Twitter and Facebook

iOS update 2.1

Hi Everyone.

We’ve recently updated the app to version 2.1 and for most it’s working great. But we are aware that some iPad users have encountered problems with the update. We will be working through the night to fix the issue and will release an update ASAP.

If you are having a problem please let us know either by email at:
on Twitter:
or on Facebook:

It would be extremely helpful to is if you describe any issue you have and let us know the device you’re using. Many thanks to those of you who have helped us with feedback already and we’re truly sorry for any inconvenience. We’ll let you know when the bug is fixed.

Thanks also for using EatBy App and for you patience.


Update – Seeds&Chips Summit 2016

The 2016 Seeds&Chips summit in Milan was a success for EatBy App as we shared our vision to the worldwide Sustainable Food comunity. We had a great time and met some brilliant people. A big thanks to the organisers for making us feel so welcome. Here’s some lovely pictures of the event…

Visit here for information about the Seeds&Chips Summit

Seeds&Chips Summit: The Smart Kitchen – EatBy App founders, Steffan & Barbara Lewis, are confirmed speakers. #SaC16 #FoodTech

Steffan and Barbara have been invited to speak at Seeds&Chips on the 13th of May in the FUTURE conference room from 10:15 am.

Seeds&Chips speakersThey’ll be talking about the development of the EatBy App and the future of the “internet of food”, highlighting the need for improving efficiency and connectivity across all aspects of the global supply chain, from farm to fork – via our soon to be “Smart Kitchens”.

EatBy App will be exhibiting throughout the Seeds&Chips International Food Technology Summit in Milan, from the 11th to the 14th of May at the MiCo – Milano Congressi, so if you’re attending, feel free to visit Steffan and Barbara at the EatBy App stand, D21, for a chat.

“We’re super keen to meet like minded people, to discuss future possibilities and collaborations.”

If you’re not attending you’ll be kept up to date with regular posts on the social networks by Steffan and Barbara – so connect with EatBy App on Twitter and Facebook!

For more information about Seeds&Chips please visit their website: or join in the conversation on Twitter: #SaC16 #FoodTech #FoodInnovation #InternetofFood


Italian Chef Carlo Cracco draws attention to climate change threats for small scale farmers in Cambodia

Carlo Cracco is working with the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development’s (IFAD) Recipes for Change campaign to highlight the threats small scale farmers in developing countries are facing as a result of climate change.

The Masterchef Italy judge visited an IFAD-supported project in Kandal province in southern Cambodia last week, where soaring temperatures and unpredictable rains are putting rice production at risk.

Rice, which accounts for almost 80 per cent of farmland in the province and is a staple food in most of Asia, is being affected by frequent droughts and damaging floods. While touring the area, local farmers told Cracco that they used to harvest rice twice a year but now it is only once.

“The situation has gotten much worse and if it carries on like this it will just get even harder for farmers here in Cambodia,” said Cracco. “If they can no longer produce rice, which is for them a staple, it threatens their life, their culture, their tradition.”

By introducing low-cost technology and more efficient farming practices, IFAD is helping  more than 90,000 farmers in Cambodia build their resilience to climate change. For example, simple tools like mechanical seeders and drip-irrigation pipes help make the most out of available seeds, ensuring that they don’t go wasted, that they are planted at the right distance, and that they receive the correct amount of water. Local farmers are also being encouraged to use manure from their pigs and cows to feed a biogas digester, which produces methane to replace firewood as well as fertilizer for their crop, while being trained on how to diversify their produce so that if one crop fails they do not go hungry.

“These practices are also improving incomes,” said IFAD’s Country Programme Officer, Meng Sakphouseth. “They have more assets, they earn more money, produce more crops and have a more diversified farming system, which helps them cope better with climate change such as droughts or floods.”

Cracco pointed out how important it is for local farmers to adapt to changing climate conditions and preserve resources. “What you have, you must cultivate, maintain and preserve over time, not let it go lost,” he said. “You don’t often value what you have. Only when it is lost do you say, gosh, it was better before. But by then it is too late.”

Cracco is one of the three judges of Masterchef Italy, presenter of Hells Kitchen and chef and owner of Cracco restaurant, which has earned two Michelin stars and is listed as one of the fifty best restaurants in the world.

Cracco was in Cambodia to take part in filming a series called Recipes for Change, where top chefs travel to developing countries, prepare and cook foods that are being threatened by climate change, and show how IFAD is working with farmers to adapt to the very real impacts of climate change in their communities.

IFAD invests in rural people, empowering them to reduce poverty, increase food security, improve nutrition and strengthen resilience. For more information about IFAD and their work:

Meet us at the 2016 Seeds&Chips International Summit

We are excited be exhibiting and presenting the EatBy App at the Seeds&Chips Internatoin Summit in Milan from the 11th to the 14th of May.

We’ll be featuring the app and discussing the next phase of the EatBy mission and how we hope to further contribute to reducing food waste globally.

We’ll also be using the 2016 Seeds&Chips International Summit to highlight some of the future features of the app and some of the technological innovations we’re currently working on.

We are looking forwards to being in Milan and to meeting people who share our ambitions. If you are at the event please feel free to visit our exhibit or arrange a chat with us using the Seeds&Chips business matching portal.

For more information about Seeds&Chips please visit their website: or join in the conversation on Twitter: #SaC16 #FoodTech #FoodInnovation #InternetofFood

EatBy App – Next generation coming soon.

We have excellent news that the first stage of our EatBy App experiment is drawing to a conclusion, resulting with the development of the Next Generation EatBy App.

EatBy App Next GenerationWe’ve been overwhelmed by the worldwide support we’ve received and the tremendous feedback which we are using to develop Version Two. This will obviously lead to a number of big improvements. We are extremely proud of our prototype, Version One, but always planned to develop technology way beyond the current app release. Using feedback we’re on schedule developing Version Two with improvements to the User Interface, more automation and new features. All of which will greatly simplify the user experience.

Our original goal was to achieve the development of what we call “Invisible Technology”. Simply put, this is technology that efficiently works in the background of our lives with minimum user interaction and maximum benefit.

We were acutely aware during the development of Version One that users of the EatBy App would need to be people who generally like using apps to organise their lives. Many people enjoy making lists using their smartphones and personal devices; scheduling meetings, appointments and putting the bins out for collection. But these technology driven “life hacks” don’t suit everybody! If technology is to make a real change, reducing food waste and optimising food production, then it must be invisible and ubiquitous. It shouldn’t need to appeal to a particular type of user and it should be unobtrusively compatible with everybody’s daily life. It involves automation, integration and a thorough understanding of lifestyles and the food industry.

This is naturally where the real challenge lies. EatBy App will eventually offer a global solution to the problem of food waste and overproduction.

The next part of our EatBy App development will bring us at least one step closer to achieving this goal. We are looking forward to the release of the next generation EatBy App in the coming months so watch this space.

Are you ready for a waste not Christmas?

Steffan and Barbara

Billions of people all over the world will be celebrating Christmas Day on Friday and will be following a myriad of different local traditions that make the day special. For us, our Christmas is special because it’s a time family comes together. We (the creators of the EatBy App) do our version of British traditional Christmas with a turkey or goose dinner and all the trimmings, presents by the tree and a little too much to drink. The holiday period is one of the few times a year when diets are abandoned (jokes about less waste equals more waist aside), and to some extent, budgets are abandoned too. Certainly in our household we tend to over spend on the festive season and worry about the cost in January! Not the best way to run a household, perhaps, but there’s no need to be a Scrooge, eh?

The thing is, providing we don’t spend too far beyond our means, this should be a time when we indulge, celebrate Christmas and appreciate the joyous aspects of our lives; friends, family and love. But we should also take a quiet moment amidst the fun to reflect on those who are less fortunate or for whom Christmas, for what ever reason, is not joyful or triumphant. Please consider making a charitable donation this Christmas. Or if you know of anyone who may be alone – invite them to join you for lunch.

But there’s one more thing we should do this Christmas – we should make sure we waste as little as possible! Yes, the EatBy App is designed to reduce food waste, and yes, we think it’s ultimately important to make sure you eat and enjoy all that lovely food you’ve spent your hard earned money buying – even those sprouts. Obviously we think you should use the EatBy App this holiday, and make a new year resolution to use it more next year.

But wasting as little as possible means more than wasting less food (or money). Our “waste not” Christmas message is also about not wasting time, money, love, life, health, those special moments, opportunities, and friendship. Life is too short and our planet is too precious not to appreciate every moment. And when the Christmas period is over, we should continue to live without waste. It may require a little effort at times; to keep in touch, to write a love letter, to organise a trip, to give money to a charity, to spend time with the people we love, to give time to people who need our help, to be patient, tolerant and to forgive. But it’s that effort, doing positive things, that makes our time on this world worthwhile.

Life is a miracle – don’t waste it.

Happy Christmas,
The EatBy team (Steff, Barbs and Marty)

EatBy App encourages kids to play with food to reduce waste.

As part of a current holiday campaign, EatBy App are raising awareness about reducing food waste by encouraging families to turn fruit and vegetables into cute characters and to upload photographs onto the app and on social media.

“We want to encourage kids to learn more about fruit and vegetables with their family, and become experts in avoiding food waste,” said Barbara Lewis, one of the founders of EatBy.

Food waste is a problem of global proportions with one third of all food produced ending up being thrown away. Businesses and supermarkets are making an effort to reduce their food waste. But it is up to all of us to make a difference. Supermarkets provide us with perfect fruit and veg because that’s how we’ve grown to like them.

“When faced with a choice,” said Steffan Lewis of EatBy App, “We still pick up the nicest looking carrot even though we know it tastes no better than the wonky one. It’s what we’ve become used to.”

We teach our children not to judge by appearance and that it’s what’s inside that counts – surely we can apply the same principle to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Many of us don’t value fresh, wholesome food unless it’s pre-washed, wrapped and perfect. But we wouldn’t throw imperfect vegetables away if we’d grown them ourselves.

It’s difficult for many of us to change our habits and to start buying less than perfect fruit and vegetables. Obviously some people who are environmentally aware will buy wonky veg as a matter of principal – but we all need to do it.

“The best way to change attitudes is to have a long term plan – to educate our children,” said Barbara.

But it’s not just all about accepting wonky food. – It’s about how we store it and how we do our shopping and cooking. Many of us simply rely on our memory to organize our kitchen. But how many of us forget food in the back of the fridge or freezer and discover it too late? The answer is: Most of us do! Statistics released by WRAP show that the average family spends around $1,000 every year on wasted food that contributes to one tenth of greenhouse gasses. The EatBy App is just one of many solutions available to reduce food waste. Many other innovations are being developed to help reduce the problem of food waste. EatBy, the money saving smart kitchen app that reduces food waste, is working on future developments that involve the whole family and helps educate children.

“It’s a bit of fun,” said Steffan, “adding the characters to the app is a great way to involve kids.”

Photographs of food characters are appearing on the app and on social media. EatBy uploaded some of their own creations, made with help from Martin Lewis.

“All fruit and veg were harmed after our photo shoot – boiled, roasted, blended or eaten alive.”

About EatBy App

EatBy App is a free mobile application that has been developed in the UK by Steffan and Barbara Lewis. It is currently available on the App Store and Google play in most countries around the world.

EatBy App can found at  and be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

The Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association Award Winners Announced

PAPA AwardsThe best independent pizza and Italian restaurants are not where you might expect and the best supermarket pasta might surprise you. The Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association (PAPA) Awards have recognised the best in the Italian Food industry.

The UK’s finest Independent Italian Restaurant is Il Michelangelo in Weston-Super-Mare and the best Independent Pizza Restaurant is Suffolk Stonehouse in Bungay. The Pizza Restaurant Chain Award went to Pizza Express; ASK Italian scooped the Italian Restaurant Chain Award and Co-Operative, Iceland and Aldi pick up two awards each.

These were just some of the awards given out at last night’s 25th Anniversary PAPA Awards at the Lancaster London Hotel, Hyde Park. Some 450 of the Industry’s leading lights came out to recognise the wonderful achievements of their peers.

Guest Host, Aldo Zilli, said: “The PAPA Awards are the premier awards for Italian food – I should know, I won a few for my restaurants! It’s great to have won them and even better now to be hosting the main awards and judging the Pizza and Pasta Chef competitions. I have always had a passion for my food and it’s great that all of you [everyone present at the awards] do too.”

The Full list of Award winners are:

Pizza Chef of the Year Paulo Crolla – Paolo’s Italian, Glasgow

Pasta Chef of the Year Peter Puntrello – Sub Xpress, Peterborough

Independent Italian Restaurant Award – Il Michelangelo, Weston-Super-Mare

Italian Restaurant Chain Award – ASK Italian

Independent Pizza Restaurant Award- Suffolk Stonehouse, Bungay

Pizza Restaurant Chain Award – Pizza Express

Independent Pizza Delivery Store – Stone Willy’s Kitchen, Birmingham

Pizza Delivery Chain Award
Regional Winner – Basilico
National Winner – Papa John’s
New Product/Ingredient Award –
Food Service Category – Taste of Sicily White Truffle Oil
Retail Category – Italia Formaggi Raspadura cheese

Innovative Food to Go Award – Winner: Project Pie UK, Dundee

The PAPA Marketing Award –
Regional Award – La Favorita, 10th Anniversary campaign
National Award – Iceland – Power of Frozen campaign

Manufactured Pizza Product Award
Everyday Category – Iceland – Pizza Pala range – ham, mushroom and mascarpone
Indulgent Category – Co-operative Truly Irresistible Kashmiri butter chicken, red onion and spinach pizza
Innovative Category – Goodfella’s gluten free pepperoni, chorizo and mushroom pizza

Manufactured Pasta Product Award
Retail Ambient Category – Morrisons Signature Lumaconi
Retail Chilled Category – La Tua Pasta – Tortelloni black truffle
Foodservice Category – Rondanini – hand made braised beef Tortelloni with Barolo wine

Frozen Pizza Multiple Retailer of the Year – Aldi

Convenience Store Pizza Retailer of the Year – The Co-operative for the second successive year.

Chilled Pizza Multiple Retailer of the Year – Waitrose

Pasta Retailer Award – Aldi (Last year’s joint winner alongside Waitrose)

The PAPA Industry Award – John Lucas, Managing Director of Stateside Foods who has been with the company more than 20 years and is responsible for many million pounds of investment, development and growth within Stateside and has influenced growth across the whole sector.
For more information see


UK Start-Up, EatBy App, nominated Food+City Challenge Prize finalist

EatBy App Poster 2The UK-based start up, EatBy App, has been named as one of the 24 finalists in the second annual Food+City Challenge Prize. The finalists have been chosen from 115 of the best entrepreneur submissions from around the world. The Texas based food start up competition awards up to $50,000 to finalists working on a wide range of projects that aim to making a positive change to the way we harvest our planet.

“We are thrilled to be taking part in the finals in Austin” said co-founder, Steffan Lewis, “being chosen as a finalist from so many worthy projects means a great deal to us.”

Available on Apple and Android devices, the EatBy App is a free mobile application that helps its users manage the food in their kitchen. Every feature of the app is designed to reduce food waste. It includes a shopping list that integrates with an “Eat By” list showing what’s in your fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards. It also reminds the user to eat food while it is still fresh. The EatBy App was developed by husband and wife team, Steffan and Barbara Lewis, initially to fulfill a personal need after they realized how much food they were forgetting and had to throw away because it had gone bad.

“We felt so guilty every time we threw food out,” said Barbara Lewis. “not just because it was costing us money but also the cost to the environment. We soon discovered that we were not alone.”

Steffan and Barbara Lewis at EatBy launch

Steffan and Barbara Lewis at EatBy launch 112kb

Steffan and Barbara Lewis are committed to the EatBy mission. “After we realized how important this is, we decided to dedicate everything to our project and work on it full time,” said Steffan.

The need to reduce food waste has been highlighted in the press over the last year and is now being campaigned by celebrities in the UK.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s two part documentary, “War on Waste” has ignited a widespread interest in the UK since he has exposed some truths behind the amount of food wasted in the UK and around the world. The organization behind “Love Food, Hate Waste,” WRAP, has published figures reflecting the amount of food wasted and suggest that the average household with children wastes around £700 every year.

But it’s not just about saving money – the food waste has a terrible impact on the environment with almost one third of all the world’s food being wasted, amounting to 1.3 billions of tons of CO2 and Methane emissions contributing 10% of greenhouse gasses.

The idea behind the Food+City Challenge Prize is to identify and encourage startup businesses, products and/or processes that spark new solutions for problems within the global food system.

“This is a great lineup, and we’re excited to see this year’s participation expand well beyond the United States to include the United Kingdom, Israel, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Colombia,” said Dr. Robyn Metcalfe, director of Food+City. “A wide range of startups include urban vertical farming, commercial kitchen sharing, and curbside composting. We also saw an increase in food delivery services and waste reduction business models.

Information about EatBy App can be found at EatBy App’s founders, Steffan and Barbara, will travel to Austin, Texas, next February to compete against the international group of finalists. A full list of the finalists are as follows.


Princeton, New Jersey


Bogota, Colombia


Austin, Texas

Bright Agrotech

Laramie, Wyoming


Austin, Texas

Eat at Home

Austin, Texas


Eyam, England

Garbage to Garden

Portland, Maine

Go Fresh!

College Station, Texas

Hurukuro Consultancy

Harare, Zimbabwe

J.W. Hunt Organics

Babson Park, Massachusetts

Lunch Bene

Cambridge, England

MoFlo Aeroponics

LaGrange, Georgia

OAL Group

Peterborough, England

Piggy Bank

Atlanta, Georgia

Real Food Solutions LLC

Cambridge, Massachusetts


Arlington, Texas


Healdsburg, California

St. Louis Metromarket

St. Louis, Missouri

Steak Tzar Tzar

Tnuvot, Israel


Austin, Texas

The Food Corridor

Fort Collins, Colorado

Tree Adoption Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

True Made Foods

Delmar, New York

About EatBy App

EatBy App is a free mobile application that has been developed in the UK by Steffan and Barbara Lewis. It is currently available on the App Store and Google play in most countries around the world.

EatBy App can found at  and be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

 About Food+City

Food+City grew out of The Food Lab at The University of Texas at Austin and is directed by Dr. Robyn Metcalfe. Based in Austin, Texas, Food+City is a platform for bold exploration of the global food system; it provokes fresh perspectives on the realities of how we feed cities, inspiring and fostering action. The Food+City stories, told in many forms, will raise awareness of the opportunities for improvement in our food systems and uncover the insights that will shape how we make our world sustainable. For more information on Food+City, please visit Follow and like on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We were sad to announce that due to Steffan facing unforeseen and serious health problems that we were unable to attend this year’s Food+City event. However, Steffan should have fully recovered for the event in 2017 which EatBy have been asked to attend.